Friday, September 5, 2014

Where and When Will We Discover What Enough Is?

Too much of this. Too little of that. Wouldn't you like to know when enough is enough? 

If so, look inward. 

There's very little satisfaction associated with having too much or too little 
of something, taking on too much or too little responsibility, or considering 
ourselves as doing too much or too little. This bouncing back and forth between 
these two considerations, never quite identifying when we are or have done 
enough, perpetuates a limiting self concept.... Thinking of ourselves as not 

When will we find enough to be doing exactly what we are doing, exactly the way 
we're doing it, and with whom we are doing it? 

Sometimes we extend ourselves in ways that go beyond what would be true and 

We may find ourselves continuing to participate in a conversation that we have 
lost interest in. Or, we take on a greater degree of responsibility for something that, 
had we taken a bit more time to consider, isn't in keeping with our values 
or other time commitments. 

In other circumstances, we may think that we've neglected to take on the proper 
amount of responsibility in a matter. Or, we will turn down an opportunity that, 
had we considered more thoughtfully, we would have preferred to take advantage 

In many instances we all find ourselves having this debate in our heads 
questioning what 'enough' is. 

The dictionary defines 'enough' as: "adequate for the want or need; sufficient 
for the purpose or to satisfy desire"

I define 'enough' as being wholly acceptable exactly as it is. 

It's not uncommon to consider, in whatever we may be doing, what others may think 
of as 'enough'. But, if we keep using what we believe others would think, we'll 
never find this quality within ourselves.

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